Another transportation has reached Ternopil

We have wonderful news! We are happy to announce that the next transportations with gifts have successfully reached Tarnopol providing the packages, among other places, to the hospital and to our Brothers and Sisters from the Fortress ??

There are no words that could express what we are feeling right now… One thing is certain: with your support we can achieve anything! From all of our hearts we thank you for all your help!

Below we attach a film with gratitudes especially from the Vice-Mayor of Tarnopol, recorded on the 5th of March, right after the first transportation with gifts had reached the city.

The people escaping from the East of Ukraine are constantly coming to Tarnopol and they are in need. Together we can help them! We continue the fundraising campaign on the Island from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 8 pm. Each, even the smallest gift, matters!