To our International Friends – Thank You!

We know you’re here and let’s face it – we’re more than grateful!

We’ve always known there are a lot of good people around the world. Two weeks ago, we didn’t even think about how much of them can notice what Wyspa does for over 32 years. But here we are, in the middle of the war, trying to help our Friends from Ternopil and their Ukrainian countrymen.

We’re more than blessed to see people from all over the world, sending donations, love, and support for Ukraine, but also for Wyspa.

It’s time to say a big, big THANK YOU. We’re blessed to have our Wyspiarze (Wyspa’s People), who spread the news about our mission.

We’re blessed to have all of our Donors from all around the world. You’re the part of Wyspa.

YOU ARE WYSPA! It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning.

PS We hear you! And that’s why we’ve created our PayPal. Please, share it! Let’s make even more great things together!

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